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Organic Baby Blanket on our Unique Activity Mat
One happy toddler enjoying his Toddler Bed Set (Duvet & Pillow case)
Summer Baby Blanket
Maayan, Mezoome Designs Founder & Owner

About Mezoome Designs

Whimsical, practical, organic cotton baby bedding and more!

Do you love color, fun prints, playful animals, but find that all organic and eco-friendly products only come in neutrals and lack the fun?

Then you are in the right place. The Mezoome philosophy is that mom's shouldn't have to sacrifice their love of color and design when it comes to baby products. Organic baby productsdon't need to just be oatmeal or cream colored, but instead can come in fun prints with color bases of coral, turquoise, red and more!


Organic Baby Products

Mezoome products aren't just about color and pattern, but we are also committed to design innovation by creating useful and practical solutions for babies. 

The Mezoome play mat isn't just a play mat it is much larger than a

standard baby play mat designed to provide your child a safe play environment but also stimulates his/hers curiosity. It also functiones as a toy storage when clipped up.

It will surely become their favorite play space.

Another favorite is the uniquely designed Mezoome Sleeping bag.
Not only is the sleeping bag Uniquelly designed and super cute it's also practical and of course mom friendly, i.e. machine washable!


Whimsical Baby & Toddler Patterns

Mezoome designs brings whimsy, color, print and pattern to baby products while keeping with our commitment to using only the best eco-friendly materials available that are so important for babies sensitive skin and for the environment.  



What makes Mezoome products 

  • 100% organic organic cotton

  • AZO free dyes, and water based inks for all prints

  • Fairly made in Israel, to European safety standards



About Maayan:

Founder and Designer of Mezoome Designs

Maayan Spigel is the founder and designer for Mezoome Designs.
Mezoome Designs started when I was confined to bedrest while pregnant with my second daughter - this gave me the opportunity to sit down and start planning how I was going to make my dream come true.


Timeless Classic Designs

The inspiration behind my designs comes mainly from my daughters, together with my great love for design in general. I try to marry the functionality together with the beauty! I try to create timeless and classic designs and use high quality materials so that my customers can enjoy these products for many years and they will never feel out of style.

"My vision is to create products that incorporate functionality and aesthetics with high quality materials that both children and parents can enjoy for years to come. All of my products share minimalist design that will capture the hearts of the entire family."


Products Full Of Characters

In each product there is a family of characters, each with their own name and unique personality:

  • Mr. Mush is a smiley mushroom

  • Wabbit is a very happy little bunny rabbit

  • Owl-e is our wise owl

  • A-corn is a fun little acorn that pops up everywhere

  • Busy-B is a cute spring bumblebee

  • and the family keeps on growing...


I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy creating them!

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